Original work or high quality prints are available for sale on my gallery tab.  Standard shipping is free for all original paintings and will be mailed via UPS.  Tax is included in the sale price. 

Prints are professionally produced via Artspan and incur shipping and tax costs. 

If you are interested in commissioning a piece:

You give me an idea of what kind of painting style you are looking for, based upon my previous works (send me photos of the ones you like).

•You decide on size/I tell you price for those specific sizes.

•You give me a deposit of 50% of the cost of the painting (Paypal, wire transfer, certified cheque).  The deposit does not include shipping costs.

•I order canvases (if I don't already have the requested size in stock).

•Once canvases arrive, I start painting!

•I send you photos of the paintings once I get toward the end of the work.

•You provide me with feedback (would like to see more of something, less of something else).

•If required, I make necessary changes and send you photos once again.

•Once you are happy with the result, you send me the remaining amount due for the painting, plus shipping (Paypal, wire transfer, certified cheque).

•I pack and ship the painting to you!